The Trend AI Ecosystem

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A zero tax utility token that automatically trades the latest trends for you. Multiple revenue streams, $ETH payouts & airdrops


A trading token that gets you exposure to trending projects by holding one token. Payouts in $ETH & token airdrops


The first launched strategic trading token of the TrendAI ecosystem. This is a high risk high rewards trading strategy


A trading catalyst token that’s used to bring volume and life back into new or existing projects. Holders receive rewards and tokens


An index trading token that accumulates ZK tokens for you. Holders benefit by receiving these ZK tokens that are collected

We trade the trends for you

You can benefit from the success of other projects without having to risk your own capital or follow the quickly changing trends.

TrendAI is a whole ecoystem built to adapt and grow to market conditions


Purchase Token

Investors purchase $TRENDAI which gives them access to the generated funds. If you hold a certain amount you are eligible for automatic payouts.


8 Revenue Streams

The Fund will grow from 8 revenue streams. This includes actively trading the funds as well as trading the new ITTs, STTs, and UTSs.


Profit Allocation

When the Fund reaches a certain level or the project reaches a bench mark, holders with qualifying amounts will be allocated their share of the profits.

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